Flash 101 + Salt and Pepper + Winner…

Soft ligth w/o the flash...

Happy Friday Fashionista’s!!! Ready for the weekend?! No major plans over here, I’m in the revision stage of my project so I’ll be working that ALL weekend long, it’s slowly coming along and the more it progresses the prouder I become. It’s super crunch time, the holidays are here, the semester is almost over and I’ll be standing before the committee in no time. I’m almost there guys!

Flash 101...

On to today’s post… we set our clocks back last weekend and now it’s super dark super early! I’m at work late (after 5pm most nights) and with the weather conditions this week, there was absolutely no sunlight to take pics. Experimenting with the Flash and other settings, Dr. Dee, my “at work” photographer (in case you guys didn’t know), took these pics using the natural light in the building as well as the flash. Tell me what you guys think!

Side-by-Side Pics...

While I would have to agree with Dr. Dee, the flash does show the true texture and colors of the outfit, I hate that it shines my forehead and face though. Not a big deal but I’m going to continue experimenting until I’m completely satisfied. On to the randomness, is anybody tuning into this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)? Call me what you’d like BUT I’m already enjoying the messiness, Phaedra is my new favorite and NeNe’s rich @$$ is irritating me already! Ha! And to add to all of this, I can’t wait for Love & Hip Hop to premier on Monday!


Continuing with my rambling, “Salt-and-Pepper” which I will call him (due to his hair color), recently (3 weeks ago) celebrated his birthday.  He swore I’d never get a pic of him (not clowning around!), let alone post it to my blog–HA HA! Well, I was able to snap this pic his b-day weekend and would have posted it then, however my “Master’s hiatus” occurred and well you know the rest. At any rate, for the “inquiring minds”, this is the boyfriend with whom I share living quarters, he is referred to as “butter”, “clown face” or “the dee-jay” depending on the day or hour…lol!

And now for the winner…. DRUM ROLL

That would be Ms. Charlene!!

Thanks to all who participated! Names were listed in the order they were posted and the number was chosen by random.org. Charlene, send a pic if you’d like, so we can see how you rock the items — Enjoy, hope you like them!! Until next time yall!


Burgandy Blazer:  Thrifted – Orig/Re-Tell:  $4.99

Shirt:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $29.99

Pant:  Target – See here

Shoes:  Nine West  – Seen here and here

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6 thoughts on “Flash 101 + Salt and Pepper + Winner…

  1. I absolutely love your hair, lol. I swear I would rock it if I could, I tried and failed miserably. Sorry you have to work all weekend.

    Girl yes, I was thinking about doing a RHOA series on my blog but decided Love and Hip Hop would be a proper follow-up with its messiness matching BBWLA, lol.

    You got a looker in Dee jay, clownface,butter, salt and pepper…..okay you know what you need to get it together and stick to one, lol…….that just made me mad writing it! Anywho Happy Belated Birthday to him!

    • Hey Bri! I luv my crochets despite the fact that people always talking about my big forehead! I only like to wear bangs when I’m growing my eyebrows out. I’m confident that anybody can wear this style – since you’re in the area, I’ll have to give you my stylists name and number — she’ll hook you up.

      I will be tuning in to your L&HH recap — SMH@ them damn BBWLA!

      LOL! Girrrrl, if you knew him like I did you’d have a few names too – lol…but thx for the bday wishes!

  2. Miss Lea I am really liking this outfit! I love the color of that blazer and the shoes!!

    I stopped watching RHOA about 2 season ago, they just irked me so bad with all the fronting. I mean alot of the ladies on these shows front, but the RHOA just uggghhhh!! I watched BBW every now and then this last season, but they started to irk me to. I am waiting for L&HH because Chrissy is hilarious to me. Her one liners are too funny!!!

    Uh oh gone girl, I see ya!! You got yourself a handsome fella there! LOL I used to have one of those (sigh) lol, but I am single at the moment. 😦 No it’s all good I’m not HARD pressed like that to just have someone around. I’m beyond the games and playing around I want something real and lasting! My prince will come one day!! 🙂

    Carsedra of:



    • Hey Carsedra! Thx!! I will say I have come across a few things on my latest thrifting excursions — not as cute as your stuff but better than I have before! I luv the color of the blazer too, I’d luv to have a whole suit this color.

      Yea, I can totally see why, I’ve been watching RHOA since the beginning (loyal fan) and Season 2 was the messiest for me but I continued to be pulled in anyways! Ha! BBW Miami is my fav and I luv L&HH too and Chrissy is funny and she seems to be a regular girl, not “hollywood” at all. Well both shows should make for good TV this season — LOL.

      Thanks 🙂 –That’s right — I hear that! Nothing wrong with being single and holding out for your prince! I was reading Madame Noire today and the columnist said “there’s a lid for every pot” — no truer words!

  3. Very Cute outfit! The colors flow together very nicely 🙂 I love RHOA! I love the drama and foolishness that goes on lol. It’s entertainment 🙂

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