Colder than a witch’s…


Hiya Fashionista’s!! Happy mid-week — Anyone on vacation at all? No vacation for me but luckily it’s kinda slow at work b/c everyone else is on vacation!! Anyways, 2012 is almost upon us and I’m excited about the changing of a new year. I’m looking forward to what 2012 has in store, not to mention my upcoming 34th birthday. I probably won’t do anything major (we’ll have to save the party for the 35th), but I’ll be greatful to at least see yet another year.

Black leather jacket + sheer shirt = bad choice in clothing for today's weather...

Speaking of change and another year, it’s that time yall!! Time to start thinking seriously about the new year’s resolutions and goals and sticking to them. I have a few myself that I’ll be sharing in the upcoming days, but for now I’m taking small steps. Starting with my blog, did you guys notice my slight change to the blog design?! I was thinking a “less is more” type of theme may work better and so I’ve opted for the white lines and a cleaner look.

Hang in here with me yall...

I also think that today’s post is a change of pace in terms of color!! I seldom wear black, I tend to lean toward the browns and nuetrals and of course dark denim.  Perhaps this new year will push me to push the envelope in my wardrobe, of course my budget would have to agree!!

At any rate, I apologize for the fuzzy pics, I’m still learning the settings for my camera and because I never take pics at night, there is a little learning gap here.  With daylight ending at 4:30 in the midwest, I’m forced to take pics in the dark!  Hang in there with me,  the pics should be better in the upcoming days!


Well it’s time for me to shut down and prepare for bed! I’ll be back tomorrow… Oh yea (sidebar), my sister is home from the U.K.!! Yay!! She’s such a sleepy head though, she’s in bed by 8pm (no fun!! ha!). Maybe, I can take pics of her newly acquired Euro-style!


Steve Madden Leather Jacket:  Nordstrom Rack – Re-Tell:  $149.00

Nine West Boots:  Nine West Outlet

NY&Co Jeans:  NY&Co – See previous post

INC blouse:  Macy’s – Orig: $49.50   Re-Tell:  $15.97

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One thought on “Colder than a witch’s…

  1. I’m loving this outfit, that leather coat and handbag are too cute! Looking at your handbag reminds me I need a new black leather bag!!

    Now I feel you on not being dressed for the weather. I went out Tuesday to do some window shopping LOL in a tank top, a cardigan, jeans and boots thinking I was going to be fine, I mean the sun was out, it had stopped raining and the temps weren’t too bad. Well not even an hour or so after we had gotten out the clouds rolled back in and the wind picked up and OH MY!!! The cardigan wasn’t really thick or thin, but it was the kind of sweater material that had alot more holes (I guess I’m explaining that right) so the wind was getting through the holes/openings in the sweater. 😦

    I really like the changes to the blog (the affects with the snow is cute), I think less it more too and I’ve been thinking about making some changes to mine. I’m trying to put together a new blog sign not sure what to do yet.

    My B-day is in about 6 days I’ll be 36 and like you I don’t plan to do much, I will just be grateful to see the day and beyond!! 🙂

    2012 I believe is going to be a GREAT YEAR, I am praying and believing that it will be and I’m gearing up to start some wonderful new things and chapters in my life! 😀

    Carsedra of:

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