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Ready to end the week...

Hiya Fashionista’s, 2 more days until we wrap this year up!! I mentioned yesterday that I was excited for 2012 and ready for the next challenge in my life.  Any major plans for new year’s eve?! I NEVER go out on new year’s for some reason or another (ever since Y2K — don’t judge), I always bring in the new year with the “Twilight Zone” marathon on the Sci-fi channel! HA! I swear I’ve seen EVERY episode.  This year though I’ve decided to ring in the new year with family.  My fav cuzin Chollie is having a gathering at her home and I will be attending, I may dress for the occasion so I will take pics!

All smiles... just because!

So I’ve been trying to get off into wearing black a little more, but I’m sure by tomorrow that will change!  I was looking through my closet and of everything I own, black is not prominent in my wardrobe. I own one pair of black denim jeans ( I hate black denim so that’s ok), and a bout a gazillion pair of blue in different shades.  I copped the denim skinnies in the pics from Marshall’s for 16.99 and though they aren’t totally black (actually a blue-gray), I figured they could still be worn with black and the wash adds a little something extra!

Red, Leopard & Black... hell, why not?

Sooooo… why is my post titled “All me” if I’m talking about wearing black and new year’s eve gatherings?! Well if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m rocking my own hair for a change.  I have to shout out my stylist cause she has grown the ish out of my hair! The pics really do no justice as to how long it really is but the crochet and weaving has helped preserve my hair as well as add length.  My hair is very fine when straightened (blow dry, flat iron & press around the edges) and though it’s accustomed to lots of heat (20+ years of pressed hair) I want to concentrate on a hair regimen that adds thickness and less shedding since I’ve opted for less heat and more weave. Any suggestions??


Ok so I have Beyonce here because she inspired the red with leopard, I know you’ve guys have seen this pic floating around the internet and so I decided to do the inverse and don a black blazer with a red shirt instead.  I luv her jacket and actually Macy’s has a similar jacket in the INC department with the lapels, puffed shoulders and ruched sleeves but I decided against the purchase, maybe next year :-), when it goes on sale.  I’m not really a Bey fan as far as fashion but I think this one was cute/casual!  Check in with you guys tomorrow!!!


Mossimo Tuxedo Blazer:  Target – Re-Tell:  $19.99

Max Studio Booties: – Re-Tell:  $69.99

Belt:  Target – Re-Tell:  $16.99

Rocks & Indigo Jeggings:  Marshall’s – Re-Tell:  $16.99

Scarf (F21); T-shirt (Old Navy) – See previous post

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7 thoughts on “All me…

    • Hey Ebony!!! I thought of you when I mentioned my hair in this post, you def have to hook me up with a healthy hair regimen!!

      Thx!! Leopard, red & black are always safe yet stylish! Glad everything is well 🙂

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