Counting Down…

Lumber Jack Mack...

Happy Friday Re-Tell Luvlies!! It’s officially the weekend and the count down to 2012 has commenced! By midnight tomorrow we will be welcoming a new year, new challenges and changes!! I mentioned in a previous post that there were a few things on my list to achieve in 2012 and at the top is health and wellness. This year the gym hasn’t seen much of me but Chipotle and Jamba Juice have given me lifetime membership cards (ok, just kidding).  But seriously, I have to get back on the right track mentally and physically!!  Other goals include a career leap (notice I said leap and NOT jump) and sound financial investments for years to come. It’s definitely MY time yall!

I think I saw my blogger friend over at Curves and Confidence rock denim with a belt!...

Well today’s weather is definitely gloomy! I think snow showers are in the forecast for this evening and the temps are pretty mild so it’s highly likely that the snow will fall.  No plans for the evening with the exception of doing laundry — bringing in the new year “clean”! I sound like my mother right now — “bring in the new year with a clean house and clean undies”, now if you know my mom personally you know I’ve just given you the edited version! HA! Any major plans anyone?

The up-do...

Well today I decided to wear my hair up (pic taken today).  The pic I posted yesterday was actually from last week before I got my crochets put in.  I figured an up-do with my synthetic curls hanging was a perfect solution to my popped collars! Ha!  I’m also wearing some of my rose-gold jewelry I picked up from Nordstrom Rack during the “Day after Thanksgiving Sale”. I was able to get earrings and a link chain for the low low ($7.97)!! It matches my new watch that the BF gave me for Christmas perfectly!

The "deets"... I believe I left some of the string from the tag on the chain... oops!

Well guys I’ll check back in with ya tomorrow for my last post of 2011!!  I hate to see the holidays go but I am most excited for 2012.  On a last note, has anyone received their BDIB email yet?! I won’t spoil the surprise, but I will be participating and looking forward to the PrettyShinySparkly’s first link-up of the new year!! Until tomorrow…


GAP Denim Vest:  GAP — YEARS AGO!!

Plaid Button-Up:  Old Navy – Re-Tell:  $19.99

Green Cargo Pant:  The Limited – See previous posts

Belt:  Target – $16.99

Jewelry:  Nordstrom Rack – $7.97 clearance

Boots: – $44.99

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8 thoughts on “Counting Down…

  1. I really like that plaid shirt and I like how you paired it with the olive colored pants, the booties are cute too.

    You look really cute with your pinned up like that. When I see a cute messy pin up makes me wish I still had long hair. The days of being able to just toss your hair up and still look cute are over! Short hair might be less maintenance at times, but not all the time!! Even with being natural and having wash and go hair!! LOL!!

    Carsedra of:

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