Trying to find my way back…

Crisp morning...

Hiya Re-Tell luvlies!!! Don’t hate me dolls but please believe me when I tell you I’m trying to find my way back to blogging…hence the title of the post. Well 2012 has arrived and taken my life by a whirlwind. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t see this as a bad thing, instead I’m seeing major opportunities for growth and big changes on the horizon. Just trying to embrace it all and prepare for what’s up next. 2012 has also brought me a 34th birthday year!! Yay!! Right along with other trials, tribs, and great moments. Stay tuned…

Autumn in Winter...

So here it is friggin February, these pics were taken in 2011, I’m just now using them for my first post of the new year!! Crazy right?! Truth is, I haven’t taken any pics at all in 2012!! Anyways there are a few goals I have in mind for myself this year and I’m on the right course to achieving them. 1st up is shopping in my closet for clothes. I’m officially on hiatus from clothes shopping until I drop some pounds. 2nd up is… drop some pounds! I started my work out regimen the day after my birthday (Jan. 19th) and I’ve been going strong ever since! Running season is upon us — hopefully I’ll see some results soon πŸ™‚

Well I miss you guys and hope to be blogging regularly real SOON! If you don’t hear from me for yet another couple of weeks, don’t be alarmed!! I luv you guys and my blog so just be sure to visit again and check in periodically. Bare with me!! Until next time Re-Tell Chica’s!!


Scarf:Β  Target – Re-Tell:Β  $16.99

Furry gloves: Dots – Re-Tell:Β  $8

Wedge Boots:Β  Marshall’s – Re-Tell:Β  $159.99

Cropped Jean:Β  NY&Co. – See previous posts

Purple Converse shirt:Β  Target – Re-Tell:Β  $19.99

Green Jacket:Β  Goodwill – Re-Tell:Β  $4.95

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8 thoughts on “Trying to find my way back…

  1. Awwww hey girl ~ Happy New Year/ Belated Birthday/ Groundhog day, Valentine’s Day/Lincoln’s Birthday/President’s Day/MLK Birthday and Black History Month… no particular order as you can see!

    Glad things are okay, love the outfit honey! I hear you too I been in the gym a lot lately actually becoming something like a gym rat at this point it’s good for you long term not even in losing weight but also internally

  2. Hi Firiend in My Head,
    Hope all is well with you,We have not heard from you in awhile.
    I pray everything is well with you.


    • Awwwww!! Hi Robin! I’m ok… thx for checking in on me. I haven’t had time to update my little blog and I will return to it one day. For now follow me on instagram!! It’s easier to capture my pics via cellphone and then upload. My name on instagram is Lea_RetellTherapy if you’re interested πŸ˜‰

      See ya soon!!

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