About Lea of Re-Tell Therapy

Re-Tell Therapy is a Personal Style blog about clothes, shoes and accessories purchased at a retail price lower than the original. These bargain buys are then re-told to you on this blog from me — a fabulous 30+ woman by the name of Lea. For me, shopping and dressing up is therapeutic! When you look good you feel good and what feels even better, is knowing that your hot fashion find was purchased…(drum roll)… on sale!!

My “pin name” is Lea (or Fatty), which is also my middle name. I was born and raised in Chicago and have always been what others consider “extra” 🙂 As a kid, I was like any other little girl –playing in makeup, wigs and my mothers shoes, however, this shopping habit started my last couple of years in college. I guess I can say I earned it honestly because my mom was definitely a TRUE shopper.

At any rate, the more I shopped – the more I actually learned how to! My golden rule is NEVER pay full price for any item UNLESS you just have to have it (what I would consider a “splurge item”) and always-always-always hunt for the better deal. I don’t know about you but I have a budget, I try to shop sensibly and save and I’ve learned that not breaking the bank or paying full price doesn’t mean you can’t own nice things or that you’re cheap!!!

Shopping is easy but bargain hunting takes a little work – I’m always proud of my finds and I hope you guys enjoy this blog and hopefully learn a little about myself and of course shopping!


19 thoughts on “About Lea of Re-Tell Therapy

  1. Thought for Today:

    Pride makes us do things well.
    But its love that makes us do them to perfection. Luv YA! Ms. Mitty

  2. Mitty,
    Remember today and days to come – Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them. Every day begin a new task. You go girl with your blog. Love you Ms. Mit !

  3. Hey doll,

    Stumbled across your blog from my stats page. LOVE the blog!!! You actually inspired today’s post on my blog so check it out when you get a chance.

    Thanks for the blog love and it has been returned. I will be a frequent visitor!!


    • Hi Monique! Oh my! Yep I’m pretty sure it was me 🙂
      You should have said something 🙂 — I appreciate you checkin my blog enough to recognize me.

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