99 Problems…


Had to take a hair leave amongst other things...

Hiya Re-Tell Fashionista’s!!! I’m sooooo very sorry for the unannounced break, but as we all know, life can sometimes get in the way.  I titled today’s post “99 Problems” not because of any major problems in my life right now but as a clue to this post’s number! I had announced weeks ago that I would be having a 100th post give-away and then I vanish!  I told everyone to be on the look out for the post titled “100…” then I stop posting! Sooooo I guess it’s only fair that I let you in on a little secret – this is the 99th post AND I will be doing the 100th post give-away in the NEAR future AND I’m also going to keep it open longer due to my inconsistency! FAIR enough?!

Hat days returned quicker than expected...

And now on to the reasons why I took an almost 3 week hiatus… first up is school! As you all know I’m in the last semester of my Master’s program and for weeks I had been researching content for my first (near-final) draft. Well after gathering all the research the writing had to commence and it took way longer than I ever anticipated. I was stuck on page 1 for days, then I’d progress to page 5 and be stuck for more days at a time, I admit I’m no writer and that ish was hard. Let me tell you, it took almost 3 weeks of intense effort trying to avoid submitting a paper whose content is a hodge podge of plagiarized words with no real direction or conclusion! I think I finally got it right y’all, the jury is still out but we shall see — I’ll keep you posted!

Vest on consignment...

On to the outfit pics and reason #2! My hair of course :-). I totally didn’t want to return to weeks of “Hat Days” posts (like some of the pics above), the bangs on my weave had grown an inch above my furry brows and hair was the last thing on my mind as I juggled school, work, a mild cold and life in general. Soooo no posts until I had a hair “refresh”!  Pictured are this weeks hair + some of my fab finds purchased some time ago, the striped sweater from f21 for $15.99, the red leather vest from a consignment store for $15.00 and the flare-legged jeggings from Target for $22.

Vest, Flare Legs, F21 booties...

And now I want to share my “not-so-fab, keeping it anyway purchase” — the tall boots from 6pm.com for $48.50 pictured waaaaay at the top.  I’ve been wanting tan boots for awhile and so I went thru 40 some odd pages of boots on 6pm.com, chose at least 10 pair and narrowed it down to two. They have videos on their boots, close up shots and I’m thinking  I have a really good pair for $48.50…that was, until they arrived! Disappointed that the color description said “Tan” but they were more of a mustard color and they smelled of putrid plastic vs. leather was a turn-off (yea I missed the “man-made material” disclaimer). Too lazy to return em, I wore them and though they are my least fave, I get compliments on them…go figure!

Ignore the snacks, I'm featuring the vest...lol

Well fashionista’s, it’s good to be back and I promise more outfit pics to come, stay tuned for the 100th post give-away (for real, really!) it’s coming sooner than u think. Again, my apologies for being MIA, I have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks for not forgetting me and checkin in on me during my absence! Until tomorrow 😉


“Therapy” Thursdays…Far and Few

Hello Dr Dee,

I met this guy in February.. I really enjoy his company!

However his company is far and few in-between (I see him maybe once or twice a month). He is currently in school getting his barbering license and also in the process of opening a barber shop with his brother, he also has a 5 year old daughter (and he is very hands on with her… which I love).

We live about 30-35 mins from each other…When we are in each other’s presence I am the happiest women in the world, he is full of compliments, good conversation and extremely attentive.   When we are apart I miss him terribly… and that creates arguments. Reason being is I think he could put forth a little more effort in us seeing one another… and his argument is he is doing his best to juggle everything on his plate…

He has made it very clear that his schedule will continue to be this way until Feb 2012 and has asked me to be patient.  My issue is I spent 6 years in a relationship that ended on a sour note… And I vowed that I would not dedicate that much time to another relationship if I felt it was not productive.  I don’t wanna add the pressure to our friendship but at the same time I am ready for a monogamous relationship

Do you think I am being impatient? Should I not expect more time? Am I being unrealistic?


Far and Few in-between


First of all, thanks for writing in to Therapy Thursdays. You are greatly appreciated.

When I first read this I immediately thought: he’s married.  And did he give her that 2012 date because that’s when his divorce proceedings will be finalized? But, I want don’t want to be cynical about this situation, because that may not be the case. Men are not emotional creatures; they prefer to keep their real feelings locked away in a vault for fear of appearing vulnerable or weak. At times it can be difficult to decipher a man’s true feelings and typically this leaves women wondering if they are really into you. But, if they are, you’ll know it. Here are a few things I want you to consider.

a.)    Does he fit you into his schedule? If a man is really into you, he will make time for you.   Men typically will not go out of their way for just anyone.  Their time is precious and their options are plentiful. If he’s into you, he’ll take the time out to show you that you.  You will be a choice he choose to make and not just a constellation prize.

b.)    Is it just a booty-call? Are you guys just hooking up once or twice a month physically? Or is he genuinely dating you? Sex is a natural way to express deep affection you may have for someone. But, if every time you hook-up there’s a bedroom involved and not much else you may want to avoid making any long-term plans with this man.

c.)     Does he let you in? During the time spent with him, are you guys sharing intimate details with one another about life and the future? February til now is a nice amount of time to have spent with someone.  What do you know about this man so far? Does he discuss long term plans with you?  If so, are you included in them?

Do I think you are being impatient? Should you expect more time? Are you being unrealistic? Only you can answer these questions. But, what I will say is you have to be more realistic in your expectations.  If that man is truly busy, then he is truly busy. It does sound like he has a lot going on and that’s a good thing.  The excuse that you guys live 30 minutes away from each other is just that, an excuse. If that man wants to spend time with you he will. But giving him ultimatums or placing demands on his time will only push him away.  The time spent with one another should be enjoyable not a chore. And while you are waiting to spend some time with him, why don’t you spend some time with yourself.   Start by focusing on ways to better yourself, so that if he does get it together you will be ready for him. Try hitting the gym or picking up a hobby you have always wanted to try. And who knows once you take the focus off him maybe you’ll realize that this situation is not for you and walk away from it.  Or you’ll get so busy with “you” that you will not be available to spend time with him anyway.  Either way checking in with your star player “you” should always be your first priority, everything is secondary.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Dee

Star Wars…

It's the lights!

Hiya Re-Tell hunnies and Happy Hump Day!! I first want to give a huge hug to all of you (new and old) who take time out of your day to visit Re-Tell Therapy and see what I’m up to! Sorry to leave you ladies hangin yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to post — busy busy busy! Anyways, moving on to today’s rant… The weather outside is frigid, rainy, windy, dreary! I’ve been uber tired and not even wanting to go to work let alone put any effort in dressing for the workday! So what you see here ladies is the result of yesterday’s laziness!

The Deets... Jacket and Boots!

So If you guys hadn’t noticed by now — I’m a “color” girl! I prefer colors to the more subdued hues (blk/gray) but yesterday was definitely a “black” day.  I seldom get a chance to wear my Steve Madden leatherette (mainly because Chi has only two seasons — cold & hot) so I figured I could wear the jacket with my BR skinnies and my new booties and call it a day. #FAIL! The weather was toooo cool so I grabbed my blazer and my scarf instead BUT I packed the other jacket with my running clothes so I can snap a pic and show you guys my original look.  Speaking of running…

"The Alternate"... due to cold weather, I had to opt for the blazer and scarf (my scarfs have become jewelry these days)!

So after work I went to “Chick’s Night Out” at Fleet Feet Sports, it’s their weekly group “fun run” for women only. Totally fun and totally free, plus it assists me with my training for my upcoming races.  Let’s just say ladies that last night’s run was hard as hell!  Luckily you’re with a group so they motivate you the whole way — but boy was that wind whipping off the lakefront, pounding my chest!  Call me crazy, BUT it was such a good run and I got the best sleep ever!!  I used to go faithfully about 2 years ago and I’m glad I started going back — looking forward to next week!

Star wars! Our conference center at work looks like a command center off a space craft -- that's the reason for the post title!

Last but not least, be on the lookout for the 100th post (hint: coming early next week) to win the GAP items.  I’ll be adding the “Got Therapy” page soon so you can grab a “Got Therapy” badge.

Tomorrow is “Therapy Thursday’s” yall so be sure to check in for that as well. Until next time fashionista’s!!


Steve Madden Jacket:  Marshall’s – Orig/Re-Tell:  $39.99

Blazer:  GAP – Gifted

White Shirt:  NY&Co – Orig: $26.50   Re-Tell:  $14.99

Pant:  Banana Republic

B. Makowsky Booties:  DSW – Orig: $139.95   Re-Tell:  $59.97 ($10 reward + 50% off)

Jones New York Scarf:  Pay-half  –  Re-Tell: $5.57

Pumpkin Patch…

Pumkins smack dab in the middle of the city... luv Chicago!

Happy Friday yall!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and looking forward to the weekend! Any major plans? None for me, as mentioned previously, I’ll be participating in 2 upcoming races so I will be spending my early mornings (Sat. & Sun.) doing speed work and this evening I’ll be in bootcamp getting some strengthening exercises in.  The rest of my time will be spent on my Master’s Project — time to start piecing together my research. I’m a little nervous but excited to see the final product!

"The Jacket" -- 2/2

Sooooo00, today’s post “Pumpkin Patch” has a lot to do with Fall, pumpkins, the color orange and last but not least the “Pumpkin Smash” from Jamba Juice!! Well I decided to take this pic in front of the “makeshift” pumpkin patch across the street from the job wearing the second jacket purchased from The Limited mentioned in this post.  The jacket is that micro-suede material but once again it was the richness of the orange color that made me purchase.

The Deets...

Ok sooooo I know I told you guys I was annoyed with the “skinny” trend and here I am rocking — skinny denims! This is why ladies…it must stop! Ok so enough about the skinny let’s get to this “Pumpkin Smash” at Jamba Juice! WHY am I soooooo addicted? They only serve it for a limited time only and I swear it’s pumpkin pie in a cup.  Such a delicious treat — they need to hurry and take it away soon!

Close-up of ... me! I know, I know -- you've seen enuff!

Well ladies, enjoy your weekend!! We’re getting closer to the 100th post giveaway so be sure to stay tuned and look for the post titled “100…” to win the GAP sweater jacket and handbag.  Did anyone catch this week’s “Therapy Thursday’s” entry?  Very good sound advice from Dr. Dee, keep the questions coming! — Till next week Fashionista’s!!


Micro-suede Jacket:  The Limited – Orig: $128   Re-Tell:  $50.00

Denim:  NY&Co – See previous posts

Shirt:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $21.99

Scarf:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $12.99

Suede Booties: NineWest – See previous posts

“Therapy” Thursdays…Addicted!

Hey Dr. Dee,

I have met the man of my dreams. He is supportive, attentive and loving. I believe that he may be “The One”. Here’s the problem.  Even though this is the “man of my dreams” I have been sleeping with this random dude for about a month now.  For some reason no matter who I date, I always have someone on the side.  This time I really tried to be right.  I avoided any and all situations that may have lead to me cheating.  I was doing just fine til a month ago I met this cute guy at the gym. We got to rapping and that’s how it happened but once we “do the do”, I feel all kinds of guilt about it.  It’s like I’m powerless when it comes to sex and I go back to my Boo with all kinds of guilty feelings.  No matter how guilty I feel I can’t seem to stop myself, I’m beginning to think I’m a sex addict or something.  What can I do to stop this? I love my man and I don’t want to lose him over this.

Addicted in ATL


There are a few things I want you to think about:

A.)   Is the current guy you’re dating really the “man of your dreams”?  It seems to me that if he was such a gift; you would be more appreciative of him.  Are you all having issues?  What are you running from?  Sit down and ask yourself these questions and determine if the “man of your dreams” is really just a safety net.  Sometimes we date folks just because it’s safe not because we are in love. The man of your dreams should make your heart flutter when he enters a room. Does he do that?  If not, leave this man alone before you screw him up so bad that he is incapable of giving another woman his whole heart ever again. “Once a good man gone bad, He’s gone forever”. Then the new woman is forced to deal with all the baggage you left behind.

B.)    Are you a commitment-phobe?  One of the reasons that people cheat is because they are afraid to be cheated on. Since you have a history of “serial-cheating”, I have to wonder if you are afraid of commitment. Do you feel trapped or pressured by this situation?  Are you purposely sabotaging this relationship because you afraid to go any further in it?  If you said yes to these questions you may be commitment phobic and your fear of relationships is costing you happiness. You may want to take the necessary steps to break your pattern, remeber there are “3 C’s of life”: choices, chances, and changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

C.)    There is one other thing you might want to consider and that is, are you addicted to sex?  Ask yourself:  Have you ever put yourself in danger in order to have sex?  Have you ever put your job in jeopardy?  Or family?  If you answered yes to any of these questions an issue may exist. You may be addicted to sex, commitment-phobic or a combination of both, at this point what you really need to do is sit down with a good counselor and figure it out.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Dee

Right on Target…


Hiya Fashionista’s and Happy Happy Hump Day!  First up, I want to remind you guys of the 100th post giveaway!! We’re getting closer so be on the look out for the post entitled “100…”!

Next up I want to revert back to the week before last when I mentioned I did not get the job I applied for.  I was pretty down and I made a promise to myself to not dwell or remain negative about the whole thing, well as it turns out — the person in the position is my former manager!  He’s more than qualified and of the two of us I believe the decision was in the best interest of the team and not personal.  Sometimes (in our careers) when we don’t get that promotion or raise, our minds begin to speculate and think the entire company is on attack to sabotage or damage our careers.  Well maybe not that extreme – but you get the point.  I admit I was guilty of thinking the decision was personal instead of business and rather than let this “job thing” consume me I moved from a negative place to a positive and as it turns out it’s not what I thought to begin with.  Life is short, move around!

Merona for Target...

Anyways, on to the outfit! Last week was our “Indian Summer” and it’s continued well into this week too, the outfit shown here is one worn last week that I hadn’t gotten around to posting.  Today’s title “Right on Target” is because the entire outfit (excluding the shoes & jewelry) was purchased at … TARGET (you probably guessed that already from the caption above)!!!  The outfit was super comfy, and I luv the vibrant print and colors of the cardi.

Cardi & Tank...

The pants aren’t slack material, their actually cotton and very soft — I luv the flared legs cuz I’m sick and tired of the skinny especially how they drape over my pumps.  I figured I’ll go back to the more fitted denims in winter when I can tuck them into my boots.  Is it me or is anybody else out there bored with the “skinny” denims/pants trend?  Me personally, I’m opting for boot cuts and flared legs this fall to add some variety to my looks.  That’s it for today ladies!! Thx for visiting and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for “Therapy Thurday’s”!



Cardi:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $32.99

Tank:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $9.99

Pant:  Target – Orig/Re-Tell:  $32.99

Joan & David: DSW – Orig: ? Re-Tell: $44.99

Jewelry:  Dana Buchman (Kohl’s)/Ashley Stewart – See previous posts

Blog Award and the 100th Post Giveaway…

Vintage Gap: Sweater (Leather Front -- Size: XL) with Leather Handbag!

Hiya Re-Tell Fashionista’s!!! Happy Tuesday and a great start to the week :-)!  Really quickly — I noticed that I’m finally approaching my 100th post! Yay — Sooooooooo let’s celebrate!! I’ve decided to do a giveaway contest and since it’s Fall, one lucky winner will receive the Vintage Gap items pictured above — perfect for Fall weather!  Both are in good condition and I’m sure it will make a fabulous addition to some Fashionista’s wardrobe.  The rules for entering are as follows:

1.  You must first subscribe to re-telltherapy.com OR simply display the “Got Therapy” badge somewhere on your site! Visit the “Got Therapy?” page for instructions.

2.  Visit re-telltherapy.com regularly and be on the lookout for the post titled “100…”.

3.  On the day of the “100th post”, leave a comment, which only needs to include your name and email address. Comments submitted AFTER that day will NOT qualify. No more than one entry per person.

That’s it! I’ll then post the winner (chosen by Random.org) and contact them via email!  Now… On to the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Kreativ Blogger Award...

Well to catch you up from last week, I believe I informed you guys on Friday that this week I’d be passing along the Kreativ Blog Award! I didn’t want to do this on Friday because I’ve discovered some new blogs and I wanted to take my time and compile my list!  Well to my surprise, “G” from “What’s More Important Than Fashion” also presented me with the same award! Madd “blogger luv” to G (What’s More Important Than Fashion) and Ebony (Longing 4 Length) for the award — be sure to check these ladies out! Rules of the award:

  1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
  2. Complete the form below
  3. Award 10 Blogs & drop them a line about it
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself


  • Name your favorite song: Love lots of songs but my go-to classics are “Love’s Gonna Last” — Jeffree, “Soon As I Get Home” — Faith, “What’s it Gonna Be?” — SWV
  • Name your favorite dessert: Hmmm… ice cream & cupcakes
  • What pisses you off: Bad drivers and people who are lazy, impatient, judgemental, nosy or use others
  • When you’re upset, you: Frown
  • Your favorite pet: Sugar
  • Black or white: White
  • Your biggest fear:  Losing my mind; OR being broke and sick at the same time
  • Best feature: My smile
  • Everyday attitude: Everyday I’m thankful; Attitude depends on the day;
  • What is perfection: A perception
  • Guilty pleasure: Shopping – duh! And so many other things…

7 Randoms

Trying not to repeat the same random facts from my previous award, or my Informal Friday post, here’s another seven!

Excited about running in the upcoming Trick or Treat Trot as well as the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K. Perhaps, I’ll do a post about it!

I used to go “Steppin” weekly on Thursday/Friday nights — I’m no pro but I can follow 🙂

I read … a lot

I’m a slight hypochondriac, a little melodramatic and touched with just a taste of OCD

I obsess over reality TV — Tia & Tamera, wives of any kind (Real Housewives, Basketball wives, etc…) and documentary type shows like American Greed, First 48, Cold Case, FBI Files — to name a few.

My mother still calls to wake me up in the morning

This took waaaaaay longer than I thought!

And the Kreativ Blogger Award goes to…

A Sassy Women — Luv her and her blog!  Ashley is a sweetie pie and her blog dishes up more than fashion — it encompasses beauty, fashion on a budget, health and life.

Positively Ida — Ida’s blog is simply beautiful and definitely a positive space. Check her blog regularly for the “Quote of the Day” or just kick back and read as she shares her inspirational stories and philosophies, but always with positivity at the root.

L.A. Lynn —  Lynn is another sweetie pie whose blog I enjoy and visit regularly! She’s fun and stylish and also in the process of opening her online accessory shop. I believe she has already been given this award but I still wanted to make mention.

Love of Style by Erika — Erika, my girl to the east (Detroit), is getting “Back to the Basics”!  A 30 something fashionista and 1/2 creator of f.a.s.h.DET is promising us juicy goods on all things fashion as well as recipes!

Naja Diamond — Naja is a newbie to me!  After discovering her from last week’s BDIB challenge, I decided to give her the award. Like her style and figured you guys would too!

Well ladies… That’s it for me today! Check in with ya tomorrow!