Easy Breezy…

Close-up jewelry shot

Hey ladies!! Hope everybody is doing as awesome as I on this Wednesday eve 🙂 Today was a pretty relaxed day – nothing to stressful, deciding if I’m going to head to the gym for aerobics or take my bike out on the trail–probably the latter. Anyways, fashion bloggin is a narcissistic hobby (as we all know) and sometimes it warrants attention depending where you are taking your pics. My sister often asks am I embarrassed when people stop and look or watch as I pose for the pic… my answer was “No”! Just wondering if you guys shared my same sentiments…

Cool Breeze

Today was a pretty cool day for summer time in Chicago. I think I mentioned on Monday that a morning storm came and left about 600K800K homes without power and cooler temps this week. I decided to “Roll-Up” today so I’m pictured wearing my Banana Republic silk button-up shirt with the “roll-up” sleeves and my NY&Co. linen blend “roll-up” cropped pants. The breeze was nice and refreshing and today’s outfit totally reflected my mood – CAREFREE! Enjoy– be back tomorrow!

With Sunnies... With Out


Silk Button-up:  Banana Republic  –  Orig: $79.50   Re-Tell:  $19.99

Linen Blend Cropped Pant: NY&Co

Necklace:  Ann Taylor

Gold Cork Wedges:  Charlotte Russe  –  Orig:/Re-Tell: $15.00

Pink Sunnies:  Target – Orig/Re-tell:  $16.99

Photo Credit: Donna Taylor — do not use without permission


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5 thoughts on “Easy Breezy…

  1. I love this look & with the sunnies!!!! Such a pretty color on you and I can’t wait to see the Pink one (My FAVE Color) lol

    BTW, thanks for stopping my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!

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